Institutional Review Board - Jeddah




Institutional Review Board (IRB) is dedicated to promoting clinical and biomedical research of the highest ethical and scientific caliber that examines relevant questions. The IRB ensures that research at KFSH&RC and affiliated Institutions meets locally and globally accepted ethical and safety standards and that research resources are optimally utilized.



Applying to IRB


Before Approval:

You need to read the Policies and Guidelines before applying your research proposal to Institutional Review Board - Jeddah, IRB-Jeddah share the same Policies and Guideline of Research Advisory Council - Riyadh.

After reading the Policies and guidelines, You can complete the required documents in which study, case or thesis you choose...see the type of studies




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During and After Approval

Those Reports are required during and after your research approval from IRB-Jeddah

  1. Final Report Form
  2. Biannual Progress Report Form
  3. SUSAE