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The Research Advisory Council (RAC) is dedicated to promoting clinical and biomedical research of the highest ethical and scientific caliber that examines relevant questions.  The RAC ensures that research at KFSH&RC and affiliated Institutions meets locally and globally accepted ethical and safety standards and that research resources are optimally utilized.  

Research Centre accepts proposals from KFSH&RC researchers and outside collaborators. For researchers from outside KFSH&RC, an internal investigator (KFSH&RC PI) is a must.


The RAC is supported by four standing committees; the Research Ethics Committee (REC), the Clinical Research Committee (CRC), the Basic Research Committee (BRC), and the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) and administratively by the Office of Research Affairs (ORA).

  • The REC, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), evaluates the ethical aspects of all research proposals that involve human subjects. 
  • The CRC and BRC evaluates the scientific merit, feasibility, relevance, and validity of research proposals that are of clinical nature (such as human interventional studies) or basic nature studies (such as studies conducted on animals or tissue cultures, or based on basic science questions). 
  • The ACUC evaluates the animal care aspects of all research proposals, programs, procedures, and facilities that involve animals.  
  • The ORA coordinates the activities of, and provide support to, the Research Advisory Council.  It serves as liaison between the Research Advisory Council supporting Committees and the Investigators

Office of Research Affairs Objectives:

  1. Processes research applications and present to RAC supporting Committee(s)
  2. Ensures compliance of research activities at KFSH&RC with applicable policies and provide assurance of KFSH&RC compliance to regulatory bodies
  3. Obtains and administer external research Funds for KFSH&RC investigators and protects the interest of KFSH&RC and its investigators.


Applying to RAC

Proposal Submission  


Additional Requirements for Non-KFSH&RC Investigators

Non KFSHRC investigators are allowed to conduct their research studies within KFSHRC however, an internal (KFSHRC Principal Investigator, KFSHRC-PI) is required. The KFSHRC-PI will be responsible and accountable for the conduct of the study at KFSHRC. The proposal package should be submitted from KFSHRC-PI per the standard process.

  • Requirements for Collaboration with KFSH&RC Investigators
  • Flow Chart


Additional Requirements for Sponsored Research 

Investigators/ sponsors are required to include the documents/ information under this section in their sponsored research studies packages. Received funds will be disbursed in compliance with the Fund Allocation/Dispensing Policy using the Budget Break –down form that has to be signed by the Principal Investigator and the Chairman of the Research Advisory Council.


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