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Self Care & Stress Management


A) To enhance your personal, emotional and social well-being:

1) Track your sleep hygiene (keep a sleep diarysleeping scale)

2) Engage in yoga and pilates.

Here are a few centers providing yoga and pilates sessions for females.

  • Contrology Center
    • Tel: 0500104408
    • Email: contrology.co@gmail.com
    • Instagram page: @contrology.co
  • Stance
    • Tel: 0532000541
    • Email: hello@stance-sa.com
    • Instagram: @stance.sa
  • Oz Yoga
    • Tel: 0568502221
    • Email: omzainayoga@gmail.com
    • Instagram: @oz_yoga_studio
  • Join an online yoga comminuty with virtual yoga sessions
    • Mimi Yoga
      • Email: Miriam@mimilicious.net
      • Website: www.mimiyoga.com
      • Instagram: @mimilicious_mia

3) Download apps for meditation and sleep, such as:

  • Nucalm for stress management and improving sleep
  • Calm for Meditation and sleep
  • Headspace for Guided Meditation and Mindfulness 

B) Listen to a podcast of mindfulness

“ A Mindful Momemt” by Teresa McKee (leader coaching psychologist)


C) Follow psychology experts on social media for useful videos/blogs on how to deal with stress and burn out/stop overthinking/managing anxiety and more.

Website: www.lighthousearabia.com              

Instagram: @drsalihaafridi 


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