Wellness Center Division

Crisis Support

Managing Emotions

Here are some simple tips/tools on how to manage your elevated emotions (including worry, anxiety, and grief).

Managing Stress

Watch the following videos on managing stress:


Watch the following podcasts on managing anxiety:

  • Anxious in Austin with Dr Marianne Stout and Dr Thomas Smithyman
    45 minutes podcast
    Available in Apple Podcasts and Goggle play
  • Your anxiety toolkit with Kimberly Quinlan 
    Available on Apple Podcasts
  • Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton 
    Brief 10 minutes episode; this guided meditation can reduce anxious feelings, and eliminate negative thinking
    Available on Apple Podcasts
  • The Calmer You Podcast with Chloe Brotheridge 
    Available on Apple Podcasts

One-on-one support

For mental health services, please contact the Psychiatry hotline at 44107.

Facilitated Group Discussions

 Team-Based Virtual Group Discussions:
Group discussions personalized for your particular team/unit allow participants to connect with colleagues sharing similarly difficult experiences, receive mutual support, and discuss and practice coping strategies. Groups are facilitated via Zoom.

Well-being tips and coping strategies

Additional resources


If you or someone you know is currently in acute psychological or emotional distress and needs support immediately, you may benefit from calling for crisis support.

For mental health services, please contact the Psychiatry hotline at 44107.

For emergency mental health services, call 7777, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.


    Mental Health Hotlines

    Psychiatry Hotline 44107


    Emergency Mental Health Services


    Staff Wellbeing Hotline

    43802 or +966550253930

    or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

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