Service Level Agreement


In order for King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) e- portal to provide services to its visitors and beneficiaries in a professional and accessible manner, the portal administration developed this Agreement to clarify the terms and conditions of the services provided by the KFSH&RC’s portal to represent its official and legal commitment towards its visitors to achieve the desired objectives and maximize the utilization of e-services provided.

The Agreement includes the following provisions:

Portal Users’ Obligations:

  • The user access to the portal shall be considered as an initial consent to all contained terms of use, please refer to the portal terms of use from the following link: Terms of Use, aiming to mutual interest between the two parties to achieve the maximum benefit to the user without any violation of privacy or the interests of others.
  • The beneficiaries' requests shall be handled fairly and confidentially, and they shall be answered properly through the system and via the mobile phone and email as needed.
  • KFSH&RC provides the service of commentary and inquiries on KFSH&RC’s accounts on the social media (Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram), contact us page, email , which requires the use of a clear objective language away from insults, improper words, racial and sectarian phrases and any other discriminatory language that is offensive to race, religion, sect, race or tribe.
  • The portal visitor must not access for the purpose of causing harm thereto or damaging any of its contents.
  • Every visitor shall inform about any event of default or error, or any problems faced during the use of KFSHRC’s portal.
  • Laws & Regulations: They are the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international laws regarding the e-transactions in general and other laws enacted by the Kingdom in this regard. In case of violation, the beneficiary will put himself/herself in front of legal accountability without any responsibility on KFSH&RC’s portal administration.
  • The portal allows registering an account to the user for some of its e-services which require the user to register to get these services and benefit from the available systems and applications.
  • The registration shall be identical to the ID and the entered data shall be valid. The invalidity of the entered or attached data may lead to failure to complete the registration.
  • In the case of acceptance of any registration application, the applicant shall be informed thereof via his/her registered email address on the portal and via SMS to his/her mobile phone.


KFSH&RC’s Obligations:

  1. KFSH&RC shall be committed to the personal privacy and confidentiality of the e-transactions according to its own policy in this regard. For more information about the privacy and security policy, please visit the following link: Privacy and Security
  2. KFSH&RC shall interact with the valid messages and requests and contact their senders within the specified period which may increase or decrease depending on the situation.
  3. KFSH&RC shall conduct accountability for failure to communicate with the messages and requests received from the beneficiaries.
  4. The administration of KFSH&RC portal shall be entitled to cancel or suspend certain requests submitted without giving any reasons.
  5. The administration of KFSH&RC portal shall be entitled to exclude the non-conforming requests or those containing invalid data.
  6. The administration of KFSH&RC portal shall review its contents on a periodic basis and provide an updated content on an ongoing basis to its visitors in both Arabic and English as long as available through the portal and all its e-systems.
  7. KFSH&RC shall provide the technological and technical support to its customers in order to ensure the maximum utilization of the portal and its services provided over the clock in the non-public holidays times or maintenance periods.
  8. KFSH&RC shall seek to ensure the highest degrees of continuity for its e-systems over the clock and to deal with the technical malfunctions beyond the control of with the utmost efficiency and speed.
  9. The administration of KFSH&RC portal incites to provide new and useful information in its sections for its visitors according to its approved plans regarding the addition of a new content.
  10. The administration of KFSH&RC portal shall work to resolve the problems of its visitors in connection with the registration of their access to any of its e-services or to allow accessing to any of the sections or pages of the portal.

E-services Standards:

  • Service response time for the Home Page and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 4 seconds.
  • The average response time for the Portal’s Home Page is between 3-5 seconds.
  • Ratio of readiness is 99.5% Uptime.
  • Downtime hours may reach 1.82 days, equivalent to 43.8 hours per year.
  • Downtime hours may reach 3.65 hours, equivalent to 219 minutes per month.

Level of Providing Electronic Services Procedural E-Services

* Immediate means once the information is entered into KFSH&RC system, you can display or benefit from the service provided directly.