1/22/2025 7:30 AM
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International Conference for Genomic Medicine 2025

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International Conference for Genomic Medicine 2025 

The Expanding Landscape of Therapeutics in Genomic Medicine: 
No Patient Left Behind

Date 22-23 January 2025
• Day 1: 07:30 AM – 05:00 PM
• Day 2: 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Overview of the Conference 
The current revolution in genomics makes it possible not only to determine our entire DNA sequence but also to begin understanding how our specific genome sequence can inform our health. The upcoming conference will bring together leaders in the fields of genomics and translational medicine to provide a comprehensive overview of the current status and future directions of genomic testing and its clinical applications. Additionally, it will shed light on the advances and limitations of genomics in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Through up-to-date, state-of-the-art presentations and cutting-edge technologies, our honorable local and international speakers aim to enlighten professionals and non-professionals (in separate sessions) about innovative genomic technologies, clinical genomics in the GCC and beyond, and targeted therapies. Our ultimate goal is to improve health outcomes and empower patients through a better understanding of genetic diseases, resulting in earlier diagnoses and better interventions. 

 • Getting an insight into the latest advancements in translating human genetic discoveries into functional characterization of genome-wide association
• Understanding genomic testing policy: international and national perspectives 
• Getting an overview on regional preemptive genomic testing initiatives 
• Exploring targeted therapies and multi-omics diagnostic solutions
• Seeking areas of collaboration with support groups and organizations from neighbouring countries, emphasizing innovation, and ethical considerations

Covered Topics 
• The role of multi-omics in genomic medicine, specifically in diagnosis and therapy
• Artificial intelligence in genomic medicine: augmentation, acceleration, and new avenues
• Genes as medicine: delivering promising therapies to patients including gene, cell, and protein therapy
• Advances of common and rare diseases in healthcare and clinical practice
• Genomics for metagenomics, microbiome, polygenic risk scores, and pharmacogenomics
• Panel discussion: to discuss the major costs of genetics and challenges in business, clinic, and limitations
Target Audience
• Researchers and physicians 
• Students and trainees
• Policy makers 
• Healthcare and consulting companies
• All healthcare providers interested to learn about human genetic diseases


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1/22/2025 7:30 AM


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