During Your Stay

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 At KFSH&RC, we are fully committed to empowering our patients and visitors with the resources they need to experience a remarkable healthcare journey. 

During Your Stay

As a patient of KFSH&RC you have the right to receive superior medical care including safe environment. We at KFSH&RC are always working to the best of our abilities to protect you from any medical difficulties or accidents.

The following are some of the important rules and regulations for patients' safety:

  • The built-in side rails on the hospital beds are meant to protect you from falling off the bed.
  • There are certain guidelines that you will be informed regarding the nurse call system You will be provided with instructions on how to use remote control for light, TV and bed Please do not smoke and do not use personal electrical devices in the room.
  • Please inform the nurse immediately in case of any rise in body temperature caused due to fever, radiation therapy or hospital devices.
  • You will be explained about radiotherapy and its side effects In case you need assistance or information regarding your safety, don't hesitate to call 71111 for Riyadh, and 67933 for Jeddah.
  • You will be provided with instructions on how to react if you hear a fire alarm You must inform the nurse in case you need assistance to take shower.
  • The toilets are fitted with support rails near the bathtub to prevent you from slipping or falling. If you need assistance, you can call the nurse by ringing the call button.
  • There are no locks on the bathroom doors for your safety.
  • The hospital regularly conducts false fire training procedures for your safety and protection.
  • During the drill you will be part of the training but will not be asked to vacate the premises, unless we feel the need to do so.

Other Information:

  • TV: There is an LCD TV in every patient room with a remote
    TV is connected to the hospital’s TV network, which has a set of 40 digital channels including the health education channel of the hospital and the hospital’s information channel, in addition to other satellite channels, children, news, and public entertainment channels to make your stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible.
    There are technicians in the hospital who are available to tend to any technical problems with the television set. You may call them during normal working hours internally at 32140 for Riyadh and for Jeddah at the Telephone operator (0).
  • Mobiles Phones: Mobile phones are not allowed in most of the hospital’s facilities, because of their disruption on the performance of the patients’ monitoring devices.
  • Public Phones: Public phones are available in all patient care areas including the outpatient lobby, inpatients area, the north tower and the East building lobby. Dial 9 to make any local call.
  • Tayammum: Patients will be provided with clean sand for Tayammum at request from the ward staff.
  • The Holly Quran and Prayer Rugs: Available upon request from the ward staff.
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