At KFSH&RC, we are fully committed to empowering our patients and visitors with the resources they need to experience a remarkable healthcare journey. 


The emergency department is well equipped with a highly skilled staff, providing seamless medical service in order to meet the medical needs of the people. All the nurses and doctors in the emergency department are well trained to receive and handle emergency cases. The emergency department is capable of identifying the seriousness of each case and hence extra attention and priority is given to patients with serious medical conditions by ensuring appropriate and timely treatment.

Waiting Times:

The waiting time may differ from one patient to another depending on the severity of patient's health condition.

Visits in the Emergency Area:

We request your cooperation with the emergency services staff and your commitment to all regulations as it will enable health care team in the emergency services to serve and treat all patients at the soonest and in the best way possible.

  • Family members must avoid unnecessary questions to health care team and should give them the space and opportunity to provide necessary care to patients.
  • If the doctor feels that one of the family members should stay with the patient, he/she will be advised accordingly.

  • If the patient is a child then the parent will be allowed to stay with him/her.
  • If you have any questions related to the patient, it is preferred to visit the reception or check with the nurse, doctor or emergency department coordinator.
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