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 At KFSH&RC, we are fully committed to empowering our patients and visitors with the resources they need to experience a remarkable healthcare journey. 

Patients Acceptance

In order to give you a brief on KFSH&RC’s referral system, we would like to provide an overview of KFSH&RC and elaborate on some of the regulations regarding referral and admission procedures with a view to expand the benefit and save time and effort. KFSH&RC was established in Riyadh in 1395 H (1975) for providing specialized distinctive medical services that compete the best services provided in the most prominent medical centers worldwide, which are difficult to be provided by the local hospitals. All received medical reports are submitted to the competent medical committees for making recommendations in line with KFSH&RC's Policy and Regulations.

The following information is stated to be briefed on our referral and admission procedures:

The referral request is submitted via the KFSH&RC's Referral Service link (Ehalat) (at the bottom of the page), or through the MOH’s Referral Program (Ehalati) in the hospital in which the patient receives treatment, or by visiting the KFSH&RC's Health Cooperation Offices across the Kingdom.

All reports are submitted to the competent medical departments and committees for giving recommendations on accepting the case and providing the necessary specialized care.

An SMS is sent to the phone number listed with the registered transaction number, and the patient can find out the result of examination (acceptance or recommendation for continuing the treatment at the referring hospital or local hospitals) via the link sent to the phone number or by contacting 199019.

Patients with diseases that are not included in the Eligibility and Acceptance Guide can submit and bring treatment orders, with financial guarantor or at their own expense, provided that admission of the case shall be in line with the KFSH&RC's Policy and Regulations.

Requirements to avail Medical Eligibility:

  • Updated Medical Report and Referral Form from the referring hospital.
  • A copy of IQAMA (for non-Saudis), or passport (for foreign patients).
  • Completing Patient Information and Consent for General Treatment Form.
  • Infertility form in case of request for referral to Infertility and IVF Department.

Ehalat (Patients’ Medical Acceptance Portal)

This service was launched to submit your medical reports or the reports of your relatives directly online without the need to be present at the patient acceptance center, which will be directly forwarded to the competent medical department for review. You can track the request through this service. In order to facilitate this process, kindly prepare a copy of medical report and in PDF format and make sure that the registered phone number is valid as it will be the way of communication.

Service Link: Click here

Patient Eligibility and Acceptance Center: 199019

To track the submitted cases Click here

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