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The Department of Anesthesiology collaborates with other departments to provide high-quality care to all patients in the hospital. Our department is divided into two sections cardiothoracic and general anesthesia.

The anesthesia department provides a broad spectrum of services, including cardiac anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia and general anesthesia for different types of minor and major surgeries

We also support intervention radiology, gastroenterology, and dental

procedures with sedation services.

Our pain management services division looks after our patients post-operatively as part of the acute pain management team. Also, it provides

inpatient and outpatient chronic pain management services through

regular pain clinics.

Additionally, we have a daily Pre-Anesthesia clinic. Our anesthesiologists are available in-house 24*7, ensuring the best care is provided to our patients.


Cardiac Anesthesia section

The Cardiac Anesthesia section offers outstanding anesthetic care for infants, children, and adults with various forms of congenital and acquired heart disease and those with thoracic pathology.

The team members are a highly integrated, collaborative group of adult and pediatric cardio-thoracic anesthesiologists committed to providing safe, specialized, high-quality care to patients with cardiovascular needs.

Cardiac Anesthesiologists, on average, have been taking care of more than 1200 patients each year in different areas, including the operating room, Cath lab, and hybrid theater. Anesthesia Services daily are:

We also have an accredited Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Training Program, and all our graduates serve in the best institutes around the kingdom.

On top of that, our staff proudly served in multiple charity missions in Africa and Yemen. 

Scope of Service

Cardiac Anesthesia services include:

• Provide anesthesia care for adult and pediatric open and closed heart surgery and Robotic Cardiac Surgery.

• Pre-operative and post-operative support to cardiac surgery patients.

• Intra-operative Transesophageal echocardiography.

• Anesthesia for pediatric cardiac catheterization.

• Anesthesia interventional cardiac procedure

• Anesthesia for cardiac CT & MRI.

• Consultations when requested for inpatients or pre-anesthetic clinic and assistance with the resuscitation and management of critically ill patients or cardiac arrest situations.

• SICU: we provide intensive care service for post-operative critical patients.


General Anesthesia section

The general anesthesia section provides quality care to all patients who require professional services in various areas of the Hospital.

Our Anesthesiologists, on average, have been taking care of more than 7500 patients each year in different areas, including the operating room, Radiology, endoscopy, and recovery room. 

Additionally, we have a busy acute and chronic pain management service offering inpatient and outpatient consultations through the pain clinic.  

We also have an accredited anesthesiology residency Training Program.


Scope of Services:

• Obstetric Anesthesia provides Anesthesia for high-risk obstetric cases.

• Pediatric Anesthesia provides Anesthesia for high-risk pediatric patients. 

• General Anesthesia and Pain Management provide Anesthesia for neurology, orthopedic, plastics, and general patients.

• Renal transplant: KFSH-Jeddah is the leading Hospital in the Middle East for Renal transplant surgery.

• Robotic Surgery: we provide anesthesia services for different types of robotic surgeries, urologic, and gynecological surgeries.

• Liver transplant: we provide anesthesia service for the Liver transplant program.



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Training Programs:

• Anesthesia Residency Training Program.

• Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Program.

• Pediatrics Anesthesia Affiliate Fellowship program.

• Pain Management Affiliate Fellowship Program.


Educational activity:

• Sedation for non-anesthesiologists

• Basic perioperative TEE coarse

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