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The Department of Family Medicine offers high-quality healthcare services to both patients and healthcare professionals of the hospital as well as their dependents. The scope of care includes the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, health promotion and disease prevention, infectious diseases monitoring and control, and occupational health. The services include immunization, disease management, pre-employment health screening, occupational health, antenatal care, family planning, health examinations, pre-school check-up, infection control programs, and many more.

Scope of Service

• Immunization for adults and pediatric patients

• Travel medicine, prophylactic counselling and advice

• Chronic Disease Management (e.g. Diabetes)

• Screening and physical examinations for pre-employment

• Health maintenance

• Well-woman screening

• Men’s health

• Well baby and developmental screening

• Occupational health and safety programs for staff

• Infection control programs

• TB surveillance programs

• Nebulization Therapy / Pulse Oximetry

• Dressings (Wound care)

• Blood Glucose Testing

• Antenatal Care

• Contraception / Family Planning

• Request for Blood test, Ultrasound, MRI, X-rays and other procedures

• Referrals to other departments/specialties

• Pre-school check ups

• Varicella update and monitoring

• Electrocardiography (ECG)

• Removal of sutures

• Medication refill service

• Rabies prevention for animal handlers

• IM Analgesia/ Kenalog

• Depo Medrol injection

• POCT urinalysis

• Emergency case transfers/ Paramedics as appropriate

• Accidental Exposure Screening and follow-up

• Work related Injury assessment

• Driver’s License Medical Exam

• N-95 Mask Fit Testing

• Colorblindness Testing

• Snellen’s Test

• COVID 19 vaccination

• COVID 19 RAT (rapid antigen testing) and PCR testing for screening and diagnosis

• Smoking Cessation

The scope of care includes the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, health promotion and disease prevention for clients of all ages; infectious diseases monitoring and control; and occupational health. We provide a walking service, face to face consultations, virtual urgent care clinics and virtual scheduled clinics for follow up.


Department Highlights

• In December 2017 we were awarded HIMSS 7 status ( and we were re-accredited in February 2022). We were the second ambulatory care facility in the Middle East to have achieved this accomplishment.

• Influenza vaccination campaigns are held annually to increase the update of Influenza Vaccine by all our employees and patients

• Community Awareness projects have been conducted over the years, and we will continue to place great emphasis on education and prevention as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility

• Our Physicians and Nurses continue to score highly on Patient Satisfaction surveys showing our dedication to rendering high quality patient centered care


Training Programs:

• We have an accredited Residency Training Program

• We conducted a Train the Trainer Course in 2017 for all our Physicians

• We have also held mock exams for the Saudi Board in our department under the auspices of the Joint Program for Family Medicine

• We hold Symposia/International conferences

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