Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)

Central Sterile Services Department CSSD1


The CSSD Department of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Medina will support the efficient and effective sterile supply, processing and distribution needs of the patients undergoing specialized medical treatments and will assist and consult with all areas in the prevention and control of infection.

Scope of Service


Type and range of services provided by CSSD:

The CSSD provides support to all hospital healthcare services pertaining to all reusable instruments and medical devices through the following aspect:

• Collection.

• Decontamination.

• Disinfection.

• Inspection.

• Assembly.

• Packaging.

• Sterilization.

• Storing.

• Distribution.

• Providing desterilized reusable supplies to all hospital departments and clinics in the hospital.

• Creating and maintaining all policies and procedures pertaining to disinfection and sterilization reusable instruments and medical devices.

• Communicate with the end users to improve the quality of the service.

• Participating in committees to outline specifications of purchased equipment and raw materials.

• Providing on job training program, refreshment courses and continuous up- dating education of technical staff.

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