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About Family Medicine


The Family Medicine aims to be the Family healthcare provider of choice for every employee and their dependent, and serve the employees and their dependents with comprehensive Family



• First Floor- North entrance.

Hours of Operation:

• Family Medicine Clinic is open Sunday to Thursday- Regular working hours.

Eligible Patients:

• All employees and their eligible dependents have access to our services.


Scope of Service

Types and Range of Services:

• Acute and chronic diseases management in an outpatient setting during working hours.

• Occuptional healthcare

• Age adjusted preventive services

• Patient ounseling and disease risk mitigation through life-style modifications.

• Patient’s diagostic work-up is initiated

• Additional refrral or consultations can be obtained to achieve excellence in care-delivery.

• Antenatal care of routine pregnancy

• Childhood immunizations

• Care of geriatric patients.

• Minor office procedures will be performed as needed by our staff

• Screening of cancers and

• Support for life-style changes such as smoking cessation, work-life balance, weight loss programs will be initiated as needed for our patients.


 Reminder to our Patients:

• PLEASE come on time! Otherwise you may need to rebook your appointment for another day.

• Bring your medications or at least pictures of them on your phone.

• Write your medical history, any questions or old medical reports you may have.

• Daily morning sessions are reserved for walk-in and urgent complaints.

• Daily virtual AND in person appointments are available.

• Our consultants may order tests and referrals that are only clinically necessary.

• If you get admitted to Hospital- please inform us.

• No-show is not acceptable, cancel your appointment if you cannot make it.


International and Local Pre-Employment Physicals:

1- Any missing elements from your medical report will need to be complete

2- Blood tests

• Although some blood tests were already done in your country of origin, international employees will repeat certain tests as per hospital and government regulations.

3- PPD skin test (or Mantoux test)

• All employees will get a PPD skin test (unless documentation is provided of a positive PPD or QuantiFERON test)

• Depending on medical reports, some employees will do one PPD, and others may need two.

4- Vaccination update

• All employees will receive vaccinations as needed (some mandatory, and others are optional)

5- Chest X-Ray

• If there is no documentation provided of CXR, or if CXR was done but is more than 6 months old, you must repeat it (required for Iqama)

6- EKG

• All employees >40 years’ age must get an EKG if one is not available.

 7- Staff:

• Our nursing staff are registered nurses and come from Saudi Arabia and various other countries across the world.

• ALL our physicians are Board Certified and credentialed by the Hospital Credentials Committee.

• Our staff maintain the required continued medical education hours and participate as speakers during various local and international conferences.

• When you visit our Department, be assured that you are in good hands.

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