Oncology Centre


The Vision, Mission and Values of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center – Madinah (KFSH&RC – Madinah) are in full alignment with the KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.) and the Strategic Plan / Objectives are based on it.

Oncology Center aims to serve the society with the highest level of healthcare and best patient experience in an integrated education and research setting.



Scope of Service


The Scope of Services for KFSH&RC- Madinah are: Cancer, Obstetrics /Gynecology, and Ophthalmology.
The Strategic Objectives of KFSH&RC- Madinah are in line with the KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.) specifically:


• Full Operation of KFSH&RC –Madinah based all services related to Adult and Pediatric patients with cancer and blood disorders based on the defined Scope of Services.

• Provide access to patients requiring our Services.

• Deliver World Class customer experience, quality and safety of patient care.

• Knowledge Leadership through education, research and innovation

• Collaboration and Communication within the Organization and with external public and private entities.

•Transformation into a financially sustainable and efficient independent not for profit Organization.



Cancer is the leading cause of death (10%) 2nd after cardiovascular and will exceed in the next Saudi Cancer Registry (2017): KSA has 18, 375 cases of which 14, 318 cases were Saudi National. Al Madinah, Tabouk, Al Jouf, Northern Region & Hail: 1925 cases (1548 Saudi). Pediatric cancer cases were 4.9% of all patients.


Increased Cancer incidence due to:

• Aging population

• Environmental

• Lifestyle changes

• Increase in population.


Cancer burden is major on society and government:

• Psychological

• Social

• Financial

Major Advances: Prevention /Diagnosis / Therapy

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