Nuclear Medicine: Gamma Camera, SPECT-CT, PET-CT

About Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine aims to provide the best quality and service in Diagnostic and therapeutic NM and PET/CT procedures while maintaining the highest standards in radiation protection and patient safety


Scope of Service

PET/CT and NM sections provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services in the fields of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT.


PET/CT services

Oncology, Brain, Cardiac and Infection diagnostic procedures

Coming soon,

SPECT/CT services

Conventional Nuclear Medicine procedures: Bone scan, Thyroid Scan, Parathyroid Scan, HIDA scan, RBC scan, Lung Ventilation/Perfusion, Cardiac scans, Gallium scan, Octreoscan, etc.

Therapeutic Services: I-131 and Lu-177 treatments, Y-90 microspheres SIRT (TARE)


PET/CT is a diagnostic medical imaging modality which uses harmless Radioactive Pharmaceuticals to diagnose and follow-up many diseases and illnesses.

The Radioactive Pharmaceuticals administered to the patients are mostly harmless and have no registered side-effects. However, Radioactive Pharmaceuticals have serious impact on pregnancy.



Exam Duration: PET/CT patients are expected to be in the department for approximately 120 minutes. Only 30 minutes for imaging time.



Preparations: Most patients who have PET/CT are expected to be fasting for 6 hours prior to the procedure.





-High-blood glucose-level

-Diabetes medications

-Additional instructions – if needed- are provided at time of booking




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