Respiratory Therapy

About Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Care Services department provides 24/7 services in emergency, critical care, and inpatient wards.


Respiratory Care Services covers:

• All Inpatient Wards

• All Outpatient Clinics (areas)

• ICUs

• ER

• OR – for a limited function

• Member of RRT Team

• Member of Code Team

• Member of L&D Team


Scope of Service

• Oxygenation & ventilation support

• Administration of specialty medical gases (Oxygen, Nitric Oxide, Heliox),

• Iinhaled medications delivery,

• Airway humidification,

• Emergency assistance with cardiopulmonary resuscitation,

• Monitoring patient's physiological responses to therapy,

• Lung expansion therapy,

• Blood gas analysis and interpretation,

• Pulmonary function laboratory studies,

• Patient discharge planning, asthma education and home mechanical ventilation program;

• Bronchoscopy procedures,

• Attending High-risk Deliveries in Labor and Delivery, Surfactant Replacement Therapy.

• Respiratory Clinic and Titration of BiPAP/CPAP

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