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KFSH&RC is the first official bone bank in the Kingdom and the whole Middle East. The Bone Bank is a section from Orthopedic Surgery Department in KFSH&RC that recovers donated human bones and other musculoskeletal tissues from multi-organ donors after authorization has been obtained for the donation. The Bone Bank staffs surgically retrieve the donated bones, and then they do a reconstruction to maintain the shape of the human body.

Scope of Service

Bone Bank Goal

The goal of the bone bank is to provide the orthopedic or other patients with the needed allograft, by following the safest methods according to the international standards.

Collaboration with Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation (SCOT)

KFSH&RC collaborates with SCOT in order to take consent from potential bone donors.

How safe are allografts?

Allografts have been used successfully in various medical procedures for more than 150 years. Specimens and samples are taken throughout the whole procedure of recovery and preparing the allografts. All the steps of recovery and preparing the allografts are done under strict sterile environment.
All the allografts that are produced in the Bone Bank will be sterilized with Gamma Irradiation.
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