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Our experienced team of dietitians are dedicated to providing and promoting optimal nutritional therapy to patients and the community through our expertise, leadership in Clinical nutrition, research, and education. We help patients understand their nutritional need and how to meet them.
The department provides the highest quality of care, services, and assistance to both in- and out-patients through the effective management of resources, systems, and changes. A total of 37 nutrition out-patient clinics are scheduled weekly for various medical specialty centers of the hospital.


Nutrition Services is dedicated to providing and promoting optimal Nutrition Therapy. Our dietitians strive to provide the highest quality of services for our patients. We have 39 specialized dietitians providing nutritional care to our inpatients and outpatients. Nutrition Services is also committed to educating students, training of health care providers, developing the skills of the staff and supporting education in the community.


Nutrition Services is divided into 4 sections; Pediatric Nutrition, Adult Nutrition, KACOLD and CCC Nutrition, covering all medical specialties in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams.


The Clinical Dietitian functions as a consultant within the healthcare team. We cover a high volume of high risk patients including: Metabolic, ICU, Pediatric, Medical, Surgical and Dialysis patients, as well as patients undergoing different kinds of organ transplants. We are also providing nutritional care for protocol patients, Home Health Care, Home Ventilation Program, and chronic patients on feeding support. Nutrition counselling is also provided in specialized Nutrition clinics.


Nutrition Services department is keen to provide nutrition care 24/7 by having an on-call Dietitian after working hours Nutrition Services serves all medical and surgical specialties. Patient age population varies from neonatal, pediatric, adult and geriatric identified at nutrition risk. Nutrition Services has around 8,000+ outpatient and more than 40,000 inpatient encounters per year.

Scope of Service

Strategies to Assess and Meet Patient Care Needs 

• All patients identified at nutritional risk by nursing staff will be referred to Nutrition Services through the "Multi-Patient Task List" and then assessed by the dietitian within 24 hours if possible and within a maximum of 72 hours with an appropriate nutrition intervention plan documented in I View.

• Patients are being followed within a maximum of 7 days to monitor the implementation of the Nutrition plan, or more frequently as needed.

• All patients who were not at nutritional risk upon admission are re-screened by the dietitian for any changes in the nutritional status on a regular basis.

• Patients that need immediate nutritional intervention or change in plan during admission should be referred to Nutrition Services by the physician for an assessment within 24 hours.

• Patients who need further nutritional intervention after discharge will be followed in the appropriate specialized nutrition clinic (37 clinics).

• Nutrition clinics accept referrals from all medical specialties.

• Patients and caregivers are educated on appropriate diets/formula preparation prior to discharge.

• Nutrition Services provide up-to-date nutritional supplies to meet the specific needs of all of our patients.

• Patients who come to the Hemodialysis Unit and need referral to the dietitian, are referred through "Nutrition High Risk Screening" for Hemodialysis patients.

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