Organ Transplant

Organ Transplant


Established in October 2010, the Organ Transplant Centre (OTC) is the most comprehensive and advanced facility for multi-organ transplantation in the Middle East. With our international standards of excellence, we are well known across the country for liver, kidney, pancreatic, and pediatric transplant. Our experienced and dedicated doctors are fully capable of treating all types of organ failures and providing post-surgery medical care.

Scope of Service

The Organ Transplant Centre is renowned worldwide for its quality in the following areas of Transplantation care:

OTC The 1st center in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf States Region
High-risk open Laparotomy surgeries in hemodialysis patients
High-risk complicated repeat open liver surgery in pediatric & adult patients
High-risk complicated repeat opens renal surgery in pediatric & adults.
High-risk complicated repeat Hepatobiliary Surgeries in pediatric & adults.
Open Laparotomy surgeries in patients with multiple chronic diseases.

Liver Transplant Program
Intestinal Transplant Program
Lung Transplant Program
Pancreas Transplant Program
Kidney Transplant Program
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