Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery


he Orthopedic Surgery Department, equipped with skilled and experienced staff and modern technology, deals with tertiary pathology to facilitate swift patient recovery. We are accredited by international agencies like the Joint Commission International and Magnet. We are the first center for disabled and metabolic bone disorder and osteoporosis. The department has taken multiple initiatives to improve patient care, such as Virtual Clinic and Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery. Our state-of-the art Bone Bank service conducts more than 200 bone transplants per year.


Despite being a small department, we provide comprehensive care to our patient with full cover of all sub-specialties. Recently, we became in-charge of sole management of spine beside other MSK pathology. We are proud to be the first center creating regenerative medicine service in our nation, to be sure we continue to be on the lead in this specialty. Furthermore, the presence of the Bone Bank program in our facility makes reconstructive surgery possible. We exercise every effort to increase the patient access through AMAP, and increase patient acceptance. In summary, we are patient centered in everything we do, and we comply with the hospital’s mission in providing tertiary care treatment to all our patients. All of our achievements would never have happened without the generous MCA and the highest executive management support, as well as the outstanding teamwork of our staff.

Scope of Service


• Section of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.

• Section of Adult Orthopedic Surgery.

• Section of Orthopedic Oncology.

• Section of Adult Spine.

Our Achievements:

• Orthopedic Surgery:

1- MISS in spine and SIJ Pelvis

2- Full Spine coverage

3- Virtual Clinic - Satellite outreach unit

4- Regenerative Medicine Centre

5- Extra Space for Orthotic /Prosthetic Department

6- 11 disabled children clinic coverage throughout the country. since 1990

7- Stem cell surgery to enhance fusion in spine surgery and PRP Treatment

8- Magnetic lengthening of the nail in pediatric patients

9- More than 18,000 outpatients seen annually

10- More than 1,300 surgeries done annually

11- Procurement of state of the art OR equipment and latest Orthopedic implants

12- Prince Sultan Humanitarian City through AMAP (Advanced Medical Alliance Program)

13- Annual Increase OR Utilization

14- Master Degree – MBA of Dr. Rajeev Pant and Dr. Anwar Al Rabiah

15- Capturing All Orthopedic Procedure (300 procedure per Quarter)

16- 3rd Recognition Day for Orthopedic

17- 1st International Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedic Surgery Symposium and WorkshopNational hip program coverage for 4 MOH hospital.Oversea program for orthopedic establishment.C2 Brism awardsInternational Accreditation of bone bank

18- 4 recognized clinical fellowship with 100% occupancy.

19- Orthopedic is one of the winners of the best PI project consecutively for the last 2 years

20- Coverage of Shoulder. foot and ankle. limb lengthening clinical gaps.

21- Annual Orthopedic Basic Orthopedic Course since 2010


• Bone Bank

1- State of the Art Bone Bank service with more than 200 Bone transplants per year

2- Using Of BONE Bank Facility instead of Expensive Custom-Made Prosthesis

3- Bone Bank Extra Resources. Ice machine. freezers. staff.  


• Training program -Fellows / Residents

1- Orthopedic residents/fellowship program.

2- 4 Accredited Clinical fellowship programs

3- Alfaisal university internship affiliation.

4- Saudi council for health subspecialty affiliation.

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