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About Capacity Command Center

The Capacity Command Centre at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre aims to reduce the costs and difficulties that take place within the hospital boundaries and also to measure and manage adherence to the operating guidelines. All of the interventions that the center does are driven by Evidence Based Practices (EBP), adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and creating algorithms to monitor services and improve Process Mapping, address potential threats internally and externally, implement new processes to maximize efficiency, apply interventions according to trends, and data and demand. The transformation plays a significant role by applying interventions that are applicable or driven by Saudi Vision 2030 utilizing resources to improve the overall outcomes.



• Flow and process mining.

• Improve Process Mapping.

• Performance Monitoring.

• Improve operational performance.

• Audit processes and plans.

• Data collection and Data Literacy.

• Report trends outcome.


Reports Archive (2024)
Reports Archive (2023)
Reports Archive (2022)

Contact information:

Phone: 011-4647272 Ext: 21133

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