Bed Utilization Services


Our mission is to provide exceptional professional collaboration across the health care services in order to promote patients’ well-being and improved health outcomes that enhance the quality of care through efficient use of resources.

Case Management is a collaborative process. It involves assessment, planning, facilitation and support for services to address patients’ health requirements through communication and resources that help promote high-quality and cost-effective outcomes.

Scope of Service


• To provide an organized, collaborative, structured process for planning, advocating and facilitating the patient's needs and enhance their quality of life without fragmentation of care throughout the health care setting.

• To ensure that quality care is provided in the most cost-effective manner through communication and by efficient utilization of available health care resources.

• To develop professional relationship mechanism between Case Management and related departments within the Hospital, that enhances the patient satisfactions.

• To participate in decreasing patient length of stay (PLS), patient waiting list, and development of standards of practice related to Case Management Services.


What is our update?

Finger printing for identification
(Fingerprint is one of the tools that is being used by the admission staff to confirm the identity of KFSHRC’s customers and it is located in (ER Registration & Admission office interview areas in Main, KACOLD, and KFNCCC).
Transfer patients to other facilities for long term and short-term management
KFSH (Riyadh) has contracts with long term and short-term facilities, where KFSH patients who need nursing, minimal medical care and are eligible for transfer to contracted hospitals (Long & Short term).


What is Ehalati Platform?

It’s MOH platform to be utilized to accept and refers patients to regional hospitals, to complete the treatment.


Patient discharge and transfer:

It’s a section, and its responsibility is to transfer patients to contracted hospitals and local hospitals thru Ehalati platform and also dealing with Difficult Discharge.


How to contact us:

Admission office: 199019.
Case management contact: 199019. EXT: 4.
Patient discharge and transfer: 199019
Care coordination: 199019


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