Elevating Procurement

At KFSH&RC, we revolutionize supplier engagement with our advanced e-services, Bids and iSupplier, embodying transparency and efficiency. Our adoption of the Etimad scheme ensures a fair and streamlined bidding process. Join us in setting new standards for procurement excellence. Together, we're not just bidding; we're building futures.


Dive into the heart of progress with KFSH&RC, where cutting-edge e-services redefine efficiency and transparency in procurement. Our platforms, Bids and iSupplier, are your gateways to seamless transactions and equitable opportunities. Experience the future of supply chain management today, powered by our commitment to excellence and fair practice.


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KFSH&RC's iSupplier e-service revolutionizes the procurement process by enabling suppliers to submit their offers online, ensuring transparency and accountability without the hassle of physical visits or extensive paperwork. This streamlined approach facilitates a more efficient and accessible bidding environment for all suppliers.

Bids E-service

The Bids e-service represents a pioneering effort by KFSH&RC to ensure transparency and fairness in the bidding process, allowing suppliers to effortlessly integrate into the government's Etimad procurement system. With its straightforward methodology and clear procedures, Etimad streamlines the bidding process, opening up opportunities for all suppliers to compete fairly for contracts.

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