Adult Critical Care Medicine Residency Program1

Program Overview

Critical Care Medicine Residency Program is a uniquely structured post graduate training program, this program teaches the fundamental skills, knowledge, and humanistic qualities which are required in the critical care medicine practice. Also, our residency program provides progressive responsibility and experiences in the application of these principles to enable effective management of clinical problems. The five-year residency program is designed in a unique way to expose the trainee to the critical patients in varies intensive care units which include, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU and Transplant ICU, and also to expose the trainee in variety specialties which builds the basic exposure, knowledge and essentials to be competent in managing critical care patients.

Skill Level
Beginner Level
5 Years
Adult Critical Care Medicine Residency Program - Riyadh

Welcome Message

Dear Critical Care Medicine Residents,

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Critical Care Medicine Residency Program at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh. We are certain that you will have an outstanding clinical and educational experience over the 5-year program, with many opportunities to build your skills and connections within the field of Critical Care Medicine. We are delighted to have you join us as an integral part of the Critical Care family.

Training Structure

  • The Five-year residency program is divided in Junior (PGY1 to PGY3) and Senior levels (PGY4-PGY5).
  • End level focuses on building the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfill the qualities that needed to build a competent critical care staff physician.
  • The junior residency period (PGY1, PGY2, and PGY3) is designed to provide training in Critical
  • Care Medicine practice and provides rotations in selected specialties important for
  • Critical Care Medicine practice.
  • The senior residency period (PGY4 and PGY5), which begins after the Resident passes the
    Part 1 exam, is designed to give the Resident a chance to gain progressive
  • responsibility in functioning as a junior Critical Care Medicine staff member under
  • supervision. In the fifth year, the Resident is expected to conduct Critical Care
  • Medicine rounds and make decisions regarding patient management.


Educational Activities

  • Adult Critical Care Trainees Lectures
  • Journal Club:
  • Journal club meetings are conducted to serves many goals:
  • Encourage critical appraisal of research publications.
  • Stimulate interest in research and broaden research knowledge.
  • Improve understanding of research design and statistics.
  • Case presentation:

Interesting cases with rare findings, unusual complications or with relevant learning points to be flagged by consultants and presented by the trainee.

  • Morbidity and Mortality

The meeting will be conducted the last Monday every month. Attending mortality and morbidity reviews presented by other team members and senior staff is essential to determine system-related issues and errors, recognize complications and methods of prevention, and plan for monitoring parameters and performance improvement.

  • Half academic day

The academic half-day activity is a weekly educational activity for the trainees (Junior and Senior Residents) The aim to ensure exposure of the trainees to the required topics in the curriculum

Activities will start at 01:00 PM and last at 4 PM, which includes the following;

  • A consultant lecture that delegates and intended for advances/ controversies scientific discussions.
  • Bedside teaching.
  • Educational simulation.

Half day activity conducted every Tuesday (Senior Residents) and every Wednesday (Junior Residents).

  • Ground round

The ground round is usually presented by a senior staff member, reviewing a topic with literature review. In addition to the clinical knowledge gained by a ground round, this practice also develops the personality of fellows to become a scholar in their field.


Contact Us

Phone number: 011 464 2727

Extension: 24731/37161/70267


Amera Rahmatullah,

Director, Adult Critcal Care Medicine Residency Program


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