Radiology Diagnostic & Interventional




To provide high-quality diagnostic and interventional radiology services by utilizing state-of-art machines and highly trained radiology staff (radiologists, technologists, and radiology nurses) ultimately providing high quality service in a timely and professional manner.


To be the leading radiology center in the region, which provides specialized diagnostic and interventional radiological studies.

Scope of Service:

Radiology Department provides diagnostic and interventional radiology services to all patients, of all age groups, entitled to the services of KFSHRC. Radiology services range from general to highly specialized radiology services. These services are supervised by licensed and highly capable senior radiology technologists and consultant radiologists. 

  Subspecialty Radiology Services:

Clinical Radiology Sections



Services provided:

  • A dedicated team is ready to welcome and guide patients to different radiology sections. In addition, arranging, booking, and rescheduling appointments for patients whether physically or through call center.



  • Uploading and archiving outside radiology exam reports under the supervision of our radiologists and/or printing CD for selected radiology procedures with their final reports
  • A call-center is available to answer any questions, arrange a booking, or rescheduling on the free hotline 920012312.