Services provided:

  • Routine Exams: CT Chest Abdomen and Pelvis, Head and Neck, Brain, PNS, Skull, Mastoid, Hand and Wrist, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle, Knee joints, etc.
  • Angiographies: Pulmonary Angio, Abdominal Angio, Lower/Upper limb Angio, Brain Angio, Neck Angio, etc.
  • Special procedures: Biopsies, FNA, Drainage etc.
  • Machine: Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge – 128 slice.
  • Power injector is used to inject Contrast Media into the body.

Computed Tomography (CT scan) is a technique that uses x- rays to produce 3D digital images.


The patient lies down on the table and moves through the gantry    (round circle). The digital images are received on the computer.

In Some cases, Contrast Medica is injected through power injector to enhance the vessels



Exam Duration: most exams take 20 - 30 minutes.



Non-Contrast Exams: Do not require any specific preparations. 

Contrast Examinations: Need proper fasting ( 4 hours ) , Renal profile ( Done Within 3 months )

Non cooperative cases will be done under GA.

NOTE: pregnancy Test for all child-bearing females MUST BE DONE




-High-Creatinine level

-Allergy to Contrast Media


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