To provide the best quality and service in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Positron Emission Tomography and Nuclear Medicine while maintaining the highest standards in radiation protection and patient safety



To be the leading PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine service in the region


Scope of Service:

PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine Services provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services in the field of nuclear medicine


  • Conventional Nuclear Medicine and SPECT/CT: Bone scans, Myocardial Perfusion scans, Thyroid uptakes and scans, Parathyroid scans, HIDA scans, Red Blood Cells scans, White Blood Cells scans, Lung Ventilation and Perfusion scans, Gallium scans, Octreoscan, Gastro-Intestinal Bleeding scans, MUGA scans, etc.
  • PET/CT: Oncology scans (F-18 FDG, F-18 Choline, F-18 NaF, Ga-68 DOTA, Ga-68 PSMA), Brain Scans, Infection scans, Myocardial Perfusion scans, etc.
  • Therapeutic Services: I-131 treatment (High and low doses therapies), SIRT (Y-90 micro-spheres TARE), and Lu-177 DOTA and PSMA