Food Services

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 At KFSH&RC, we are fully committed to empowering our patients and visitors with the resources they need to experience a remarkable healthcare journey. 

Food Services

The food services department provides regular and light nutritious meals for patients according to doctor's instructions. The food services officer visits patients, provides them with a food menu and explains the procedure of ordering meals. Patients can order meals within the duty hours by calling the food services department. All requests will be delivered within 45 minutes.

The food services department has more than 45 unique therapeutic menus for patients that offer healthy choices in accordance with doctor's instruction. Every meal is prepared upon request; no meal is pre-cooked to ensure superior health and quality standards. The hospital also provides food service to the patients' visitors in accordance with the hospital policy.

The dining trays will be collected from patients’ rooms after 45 minutes of serving the food, so it is advised that patients and their companions finish their meals as soon as they arrive. Snacks are given to children and their mothers. In addition, a light meal is provided to patients who are prescribed for a special diet from the therapeutic dietician

The Special Meals service is available 24 hours:

A mobile food cart with a refrigerator stocked with cold beverages is available for patients upon request. The service can be availed after depositing SAR 1,000; following which the food services department will provide a refrigerator, which will be refilled every day.

After the working hours (7:30 am - 5:00 pm), the food services department serves snacks and sandwiches, which include toasted cheese sandwiches, smoked and cold meat sandwiches, fried potatoes, burger and hot & cold beverages.

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