What to Bring before Admission

What to Bring before Admission - Hero

 At KFSH&RC, we are fully committed to empowering our patients and visitors with the resources they need to experience a remarkable healthcare journey. 

What to Bring before Admission

Please be sure to bring the following requirements:

  • Personal identity card (National ID / family book / Iqama card / passport)
  • Insurance policy card or referral documents / official government orders Your personal medical record information.
  • Previous results of any tests or statements such as radiology films, specimens, reports of special tests, etc.
  • A list of your current medications, including the prescribed and non-prescribed medications.
  • A list of your upcoming appointments.

Once the registration process is done, you will be issued an identity bracelet to put on your wrist, showing your name and your hospital medical record number.

Please do not remove this bracelet at any time before you are discharged from hospital.

In the case of losing or damaging your bracelet, please inform one of the nursing team so it can be replaced.

Items you need to bring to the hospital:

The hospital will provide you with a hospital gown during your stay at the hospital, so you should only bring the necessary items that cover your needs, like for example:

  • Hygiene and personal care tools.
  • Non-slippery shoes
  • Your current medications, including the prescribed and non-prescribed medications.
  • Materials for reading (books, magazines) for entertainment during your stay at the hospital
  • If you need dentures, glasses, contact lenses, headphones or any other compensatory device, please bring them with you and inform the nursing staff.
  • When you are not using these items, please place them in the table drawer next to your bed.
  • Any tool which helps you connect with medical staff or move inside the hospital.

Items to leave at home:

Please don't bring any valuable items with you to the hospital, because the hospital doesn't assume the responsibility of these things.

This includes:

  • • Jewelry / credit cards/ large amounts of money Carpets and linens.
  • • Mobile phones / electrical and electronic devices.
  • • Food from outside the hospital with the exception of a written order from your doctor.
  •   Plants.

• If you have any valuables, please ask a member of your family to take them back home. If that is not possible you may deposit small valuables in the reception office, the receptionist will be happy to keep your personal belongings for you.

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