Medical Physics Section

Medical Physics Section1


Medical Physics is a subfield of applied physics. Medical physicists with the aim of enhancing human health and well-being will use physics principles, methods, and techniques in clinical practice and research study to assure the safety of use radiation in diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Scope of Service

• Medical Physic section provides a wide range of services for all diagnostic Radiology modalities such as:

• Participating in medical imaging equipment selection committees.

• Writing of new equipment specification tenders.

• Performing commissioning (acceptance) testing of new equipment

• Providing assistance to the departments of Radiology and Clinical Engineering, when addressing equipment vendor service support issues;

• Providing clinical support services to radiologists on the optimization of imaging procedures and to technologists on the use of optimal examination techniques.

• Periodical and regular quality assurance checks on all radiology, nuclear and PET imaging modalities.

• Training graduate students from institutions of higher education

• Training health professional staff to minimize harm from radiation.

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