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In line with the General Organization’s Vision and commitment towards providing our patients, families, and visitors with world class experience, Experience Office Division is introducing the Patients and Families Rating to our internal and external community to celebrate the Top Performers across the Organization in (12) categories of excellence in Patient Experience. Patient and Family Engagement in KFSH Experience

Patients and Families Rating HEro


KFSH&RC is empowering the patients and their family members to evaluate their experience during the different journeys throughout the Organization by taking the Press Ganey (PG) survey which will enable us to identify not only the areas of possible improvement but also to recognize the top performers.KFSHRC is committed to putting patients and their families first and that means viewing the healthcare experience through their eyes..

What are the Criteria?

Patients and Families Rating encompasses (12) categories of excellence in Patient Experience and each area has its own criteria based on the Press Ganey (PG) International Benchmark. Each category has its own targeted Press Ganey (PG) International Benchmark, and our aim is to ultimately achieve the 95th percentile across all our services.

When are We Going to Celebrate the Patients and Families Rating?

First, we will start celebrating the Top Performers for the year of 2020 starting from the 07th of March 2021, then every week we will celebrate a new category.

For the Top Performers for 2021 we will celebrate them as follows:

  • Q1: announced April 2021, 2021
  • Q2: announced July 2021, 2021
  • Q3: announced October 2021 
  • Q4: announced January 2022

What are the Patients and Families Rating (12) Categories of Excellence in Patient Experience?

(1) Best Healthcare Provider
(2) Best ER-Healthcare Provider
(3) Highest Scored Unit in Nursing Communication
(4) Highest Scored Clinic in Nursing Communication
(5) Highest Scored Unit in Environmental Cleanliness
(6) Highest Scored Clinic in Environmental Cleanliness
(7) Highest Scored Unit in Staff Responsiveness to Patients and Families’ Needs
(8) Highest Scored Clinic on Sensitivity to Patients' Needs
(9) Highest Scored Unit in Medication Education
(10) Highest Scored Unit in Patient and Family Engagement
(11) Highest Scored Unit in Discharge Communication
(12) Highest Scored Clinic in Waiting Time

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